Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home Management Binder: Daily Journals

If you're joining us in creating a home management binder, you should have compiled your list of daily tasks at this point. Today, we will organize those into a daily journal.

But before we get to that task, think about tasks that may not be on your list that may help your weekly or monthly tasks easier. A few years ago, I happened upon the FlyLady web site and started incorporating some of its concepts in my life. Specifically, I declutter my living room and dining room, sweep the kitchen floor, and "swish and swipe" (clean or "swish" the toilet and wipe or "swipe" the bathroom counter and sink) each morning so that my weekly cleaning is less tedious. I also take out the recycling daily to keep it from piling up, and although I could stand to wait two days between washing dishes, I wash them daily as well. Perhaps you do laundry all day on Saturdays but think you would like better doing one load each weekday evening? Or maybe you want to clean one room a day so that you don't have to clean so long on the weekends when you are off work? Add these tasks to your list.

When you are finished compiling your revised list, create your daily journal. I have mine divided into sections, and I include check boxes. I also include a space for daily goals so that I can break down my ultimate goals into small chunks and also so that I remember specific one-time tasks I need to complete such as calling for a doctor appointment or mailing a book I sold online. My daily journal looks like this:

Daily Journal

Yours can be handwritten. You may use a bulleted list format. You may have lines to check off instead of boxes. Doesn't matter. Just make your daily journal so that it fits YOU. Then use it tomorrow. Maybe you won't get everything done tomorrow, but attempt. Figure out where you might need to make changes to the list. Then use it again the next day and determine what else you might want to change. When you think you've got it perfect and DOABLE, make a template of it so you can print it each day. Or laminate it to save paper (I can't do that because I make changes to mine at least once a week). But use it as your guide through each day. These daily journals (or daily guides, if you prefer that title) will become one the most frequently used pages of your home management binder.

Was this task easy for you? Any questions about my daily journal? Or do you have an idea for the daily journal pages? Please share!


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