Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home Management Binder: Daily Journals

Home management binders are all the rage in blogland. Nearly every home blogger has published at least one post about hers. I held out for a while, but I created one late last year. Although creating it required an initial time investment, I have found that the binder has helped me keep everything under control here in my household--and that feeling is clearly worth the time spent up front!

My closest friend Francine has been telling me that she wants to get herself and her home organized this year. I would advise anyone who wants to get organized to create one of these binders first; doing so will help everything else fall into place. Along those lines, I am going to spend this week helping newcomers create their own binders. I am going to update mine in the process.

The first step is to create a daily journal. Are there tasks that you want to, need to, or just should do each day? Like sleeping eight hours a day? Drinking six to eight cups of water per day? Eating vegetables? Setting out the day's dinner each morning? Watering your plants? Reading your Bible? Spending time in prayer? Spending time with your family? Keeping in touch with your friends? (You get the picture.) Make a list of these tasks. You can make a list in handwriting on paper, or you can type them in a list on your computer. Include any task that you think should be completed daily in order to keep your life running smoothly, whether that task relates to your health, your home, your relationship with God, your relationships with others, or any other area you want in order.

Work on your list today. Return tomorrow to see how to organize it and make it pretty and functional.

I am creating these posts especially for Francine, but I hope that they will speak to you as well. Whether you already have a binder and love it, already have a binder and think it time to freshen it up a bit, or are creating a binder along with us this week, please share your thoughts!


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