Friday, February 3, 2012

Home Management Binder: Chore List

In my last post on the home management binder, I talked about dividing up some of the housework into daily bursts to prevent having to clean for hours at a time. Still, I need a chore list of everything I do when I clean. Otherwise, I forget that this is the month to wipe down the baseboards or that I should have washed the reusable shopping bags two weeks ago.

So today, make a list of all the cleaning chores in your household. If the chores are on your daily journal, omit them; you have no need to list them twice. But if the chores are tasks to be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even less often (I call these spring and holiday cleaning chores), write them down. Write beside them how often you should, must, or wish to do each specific chore. Then make a list of each chore in the order you think you should do them, taking into account that dirt frequently falls down (in other words, don't sweep and mop before you clean the kitchen counters!). Then you need to come up with some way to classify what chores are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and so forth. You could use a highlighter and color code each task. You could also make a list of weekly chores, one of bi-weekly chores, one of monthly chores, and so on. Just make sure that the list is user friendly to YOU. My way is to create a chart for four weeks and print a new one each month. My chart looks like this:

Chore Chart

Oh, and those initials tell me what person in our household is responsible for each chore. My husband is responsible for certain chores, and I am responsible for others (although since he is working right now and I am not, I usually do them all).

As you clean over the next few months, make changes to your list. I have been changing mine every month--and I already have changes in mind for the one I have posted here! Oh, and as you clean things that are already relatively clean, decide to do that task less often. For example, I was cleaning my bedroom and living room mirrors every week despite that they weren't dirty; now I clean them every other week (and I am considering changing my chart to reflect that I should clean them monthly!).

Have you had a written chore list in the past, or have you relied on the one in your mind? Do you find a written list helps you keep your house cleaner? Have I missed any chores on my list (I know I have, and I have changes in mind aleady!)? Please share!


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