Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home Management Binder: Calendar

If you are joining us in creating a home management binder, you should now have a daily journal, chore list, and project list. The final document to create is a calendar. You can download a free printable one from the Internet, or you can use one you already have. I actually created my own using tables within OpenOffice.org. My blank calendar looks like this:


Your task today is to fill in the calendar. I log just about everything on mine: birthdays, appointments, deadlines, reminders, even occasional chores (like washing the allergen pillows, a task I do every six weeks). In fact, if I handle a task but know I need to follow up on it later, I make a note on my calendar. I used to have light bulb moments in which I realized that I had forgotten to schedule my physical or a dentist appointment. Now, I have a note on my calendar to schedule these at the appropriate time. Accordingly, I do a better job of keeping things under control.

Today's task is by far the most tedious, especially if you decide to create your own calendar "from scratch." But your initial time investment in completing the calendar now is worth the time and stress saved later. And remember that the calendar need only work for you; if you decide simply to write the title of the month at the top of a piece of notebook paper and list dates when you need to handle certain tasks below, such a calendar is perfectly fine.

When you finish the calendar, you will have completed the last task in creating the initial home management binder pages. Come back tomorrow, and we will assemble the binder.


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