Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Handling Household Tasks: Planning Meals

I'm a bit behind on the series on handling household tasks I started last week. I am going to catch up over the next couple of days.

After I review the weeks sales ads or circulars, clip coupons, and then organize them, I plan meals. Because I really hate going shopping and because I have noticed a correlation between the amount we spend and the number of times we go to the store, I try to plan meals for an entire month. At the beginning of February, my meal plan for the month looked like this:

Menu plan

Typically, however, I stray from this menu plan at least a few times during the month. The reasons vary: Perhaps my husband is going on an unexpected underway, or maybe we eat out one night, or maybe we are just tired of making new recipes nearly every day and decide to make something simple for a night. At any rate, I generally have to revise the plan at some point based on what food we have left in our cabinets. My revised menu plan for the rest of February looks like this:

Updated Menu Plan

You can plan your menu for a week, for two weeks, or for a month. You can write it on a scrap piece of paper (I print the menu plan on recycled paper and tape it to the pantry door) or create a menu planning board using a dry erase board, a picture frame and wet erase markers, or a chalkboard. However you do it, menu planning helps avoid excessive dinners out and enables you do create a good shopping list.

Do you plan your meals ahead of time? I had an aunt who actually went to the store every day to buy what she was cooking that night. I cannot imagine, but I'm sure that plan works for some!


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