Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glasses and Mugs and Plates, Oh My!

My parents bought me a hope chest when I was around eight years old. At first, I put collectible items in it. But as I grew older, people started buying me bath towels and dish towels and place mats and other such things. I filled the entire chest with mismatched things for my future home.

But after I graduated from high school, I decided that I really did not like the theme I had going. I had collected rabbits in middle school and high school, so I had a lot of rabbit-themed towels and such. Most of the stuff was pink! What I wanted was a Coca-Cola kitchen and a Starry Night-themed bathroom. So in the following 12 or 13 years, I collected a lot of Coca-Cola stuff and quite a few blue towels with gold stars and moons on them.

Then I moved my husband into our apartment and quickly discovered that I hated the mismatched blue towels and gold (and yellow) stars and moons in the bathroom. Within two years, I had changed the theme. Within another year, I had changed it again to my current decor.

As for my kitchen, when I moved my husband here in March 2009, I had literally more than 100 Coca-Cola glasses. Six Coca-Cola canisters. Probably about 50 Coca-Cola plates and bowls. Tens of Coca-Cola signs and tins. Coca-Cola candles. Coca-Cola silverware. Coca-Cola dish towels. Three or four sets of Coca-Cola salt and pepper shakers. Two or three Coca-Cola table runners. Do I need to keep going? Our kitchen looked a bit ridiculous. Even I thought so!

I have slowly weeded out the collection. The silverware kept breaking, so I donated what was still in good condition to the thrift store and bought some nicer silverware from Macy's. I am currently in the process of listing a lot of the remaining Coca-Cola items on eBay.

Most of what remains is my glasses, plates, bowls, and mugs. Initially, I thought I would look for nice matching sets of white or black dishware. But now, I am thinking of doing something COMPLETELY different.

I bought this glass at the thrift store for 55 cents.

I bought two of these mugs at the thrift store for 17 cents each.

I bought this Ikea plate at the thrift store for $1.99.

So what I am thinking is that I will assemble an eclectic collection of dishes and glasses from the thrift store. If I have a dinner party and need everything to match, I can always use my formal dining set, which I currently have no intention of getting rid of.

What are your thoughts? Does everything need to match?


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