Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cleaning Out the Cabinets

My mom has owned a lot of kitchen appliances over the years. She has kept a Bunn coffeemaker on her counter for the last two decades. For the last few years, the only other appliances on her countertop have been a toaster and a toaster oven. So she stores everything from a blender to a breadmaker in her cabinets. She has not used some of these items in at least a decade (I think her blender is actually from the 1970's, and I have NEVER seen her use it).

She and I differ in this respect. If I don't use something, I don't want it cluttering my counter or my cabinets.

I have been assembling a bunch of mismatched tea goblets, wine glasses, coffee mugs, and plates to replace my old Coca-Cola dishware. In order to fit them into my cabinet, I had to go through my old items and put some in the eBay/Goodwill stack. I sent 8 bowls, 4 plates, and 6 cups to that stack this morning, not enough really, but an improvement nonetheless!

So while I was working on this task, I decided to sort through my kitchen appliances. I no longer use my toaster oven (and my husband dropped it when we moved in 2010, leaving a slight dent in it), so I found another home for it. I do occasionally use my waffle maker, my icy treats maker, my food processor, and my electric can opener, so I placed those in the cabinet where they are easily accessible, but still hidden away. I use my crock pot frequently and my George Foreman grill and blender semi-frequently, so I placed those where they are easily accessible, but in the cabinet nonetheless. The only appliances on my counter right now are the microwave, my KitchenAid mixer, my toaster, my deep fryer, and my husband's coffee maker. We use each of these at least every other week. I also organized my cupcake holder, my cooling racks, my cookie press, and all of my cake decorating supplies, from my Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set to my fondant mat to the Rubbermaid I use for storing my buttercream. Now I actually have room to fit more things in my cabinets!

I think I am going to add organizing my cabinets as a yearly task on my chore list. Do you clean out your cabinets periodically?



  1. My cabinets are simply screaming to be cleaned out! But that might not happen for about another 10 years -- when K graduates high school. *sigh* I love purging stuff. And maybe some day I'll be as organized as you . . .but let's give it about 10 years. :)
    I keep the coffee grinder, the coffee maker, the blender, the mixer, and the microwave on the counter -- they're all used almost daily. Oh, crud, the juicer is on the counter right now too, but (confession time) I haven't used it in probably a month . . . time to go put it away right now. And put the Christmas mugs away. Yes, right now. :)

    1. I doubt I am as organized as you are, but I do have much more time to do such things since I have no little ones to care for! And my husband is rarely underfoot these days as well, leaving me plenty of free time to do random tasks.

      Did I mention that I just put the Christmas tree in storage about two weeks ago? :)


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