Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cleaning the Blender

My husband and I have a blender sitting on our kitchen counter. During the summer, my husband uses it to make smoothies. I rarely use it myself, although once in a while I find a recipe that calls for using one. Still, I want it clean at all times. Unfortunately, the placement of the blade makes cleaning a difficult chore.

Thank God for Pinterest! I found this quick and easy tip on cleaning a blender at the Ask Anna blog. Pursuant to the directions there, I filled my blender 3/4 full with water and squirted a bit of Dawn inside and then turned on the blender for 30 seconds. I poured out the mixture and rinsed the jar. Suddenly, I had a much cleaner--and better smelling--blender!

Have you cleaned your blender lately? If not, try this tip. It's actually fun (or so says the girl who enjoys cleaning)!



  1. I got a blender for Christmas that doesn't come apart, so this is exactly the way the manufacturer recommends cleaning it. Wish I had thought of doing it with my old blender. :)

    1. I wish we had known this tip sooner, too. John's muscle milk smoothies leave a really bad smell in the blender if it isn't cleaned immediately!


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