Thursday, February 23, 2012


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One of the (few) good things about having a husband who is gone so frequently is that I have had to learn to do things myself. Usually, I let him tend to our plants. But right now, his work hours are CRAZY (but at least he has a job, right?). So this morning, I decided to harvest the chives we planted last year in our indoor garden. I took some shears and cut them to about an inch above the soil. I clipped the bad parts of the chives, washed and dried them, and then cut them into 1/4-inch sections. Then I froze them in water in an ice cube tray (one teaspoon of chives per cube).

I will keep these frozen until I need them. At that time, I will pull them out and let the room temperature melt them before I add them to my recipe.

While I was doing this task, I kept thinking, "I really want something with Worcestershire sauce in it for dinner!" I finally realized that the smell of the chives was causing that craving. Still, I am amending our meal plan so that we have Swedish meatballs tonight and spaghetti on the 28th. Now you see why I have to update that plan at least once a month! :)


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