Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carpet Powder

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I am one of those (crazy?) people who enjoy cleaning. A few years ago, I thought happiness was the smell of Pledge, Windex, Pine Sol, and Tilex. Seriously! Last year, however, I decided to rid my household of as many toxic chemicals as possible. After doing some research, I realized that some very powerful chemicals are in those cleaners, and I began making my own cleaners from relatively non-toxic ingredients. I am still working on my last can of Pledge and bottle of Windex (I generally don't waste things, so I cannot bear to throw them away), but I have largely switched to "green cleaning."

The first green cleaner I made was carpet powder. I had used the Arm & Hammer / Oxy carpet powder for years. The smell made me very happy, but left my husband sneezing. He was thrilled when I discovered the "recipe" for all-natural carpet powder on the Increasingly Domestic blog. I have been using the stuff since then.

I originally stored the baking soda and essential oil mix in a cheese shaker like the one on the Increasingly Domestic blog. But I have discovered that I prefer using a Parmesan cheese bottle so that I can close the lid and shake the powder in the container itself. Oh, and it was free. That's always a plus, right?

When the weather gets warmer and less windy, I will spray paint the green lid. That green color is really bothering me! But the container itself? Perfect for this purpose.


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