Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bathroom Storage Boxes

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I bought some tiny baskets from Dollar Tree a little over a year ago with the intention of using them for storage of toiletries in the bathroom. They are vinyl or some other fabric that is easy to clean and does not seem to attract mold and mildew that cannot be cleaned. Still, I don't really like them that much anymore. For the last few months, I have been looking for a better option. My husband was okay with spending $15-$20 on baskets at Michaels, but I'm cheap thrifty, and I couldn't justify spending that amount.

Then I saw DaNita's bathroom organization at the Delightful Order blog. She used Dollar Tree baskets and boxes! I have been looking for some that I liked since I pinned the post on Pinterest.

Today, I found them.

They were $1. They will be easy to clean. They are big enough. Drawback: They were made in China. (Good grief, isn't anything made in the U.S.A. anymore?) But I bought two anyway. And then I used some black vinyl and my Slice machine to label them, one with my name, one with my husband's.

I am in love with these. Bye, old and ugly baskets! (Well, I will probably move them to my office to use for storage there, but you get the picture.)


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