Monday, November 28, 2011


I am sorry that I have been missing in action for over a month now. The reasons are many: sickness, then a visit to visit my parents, then more sickness, and finally the Thanksgiving holiday and preparation for it.

The main factor, though, is that I am a perfectionist--the kind that throws out the baby with the bathwater when something isn't perfect. And when I missed some posts because I was sick, I threw my blog baby right out the door. I have still been crafting and baking. A lot. I just have not been posting.

I think what would help me would be to get away from the schedule that I tried to create back in October. Some people are able to turn their blogs into businesses or at least into avenues by which they earn some money on the side. To grow or at least maintain their readership, they blog daily. Frankly, if my husband is home, I would rather spend my time sitting on the couch beside him watching television than be sitting in the second bedroom blogging. I like you all, but I love him more. :)

So I am throwing out the schedule. For the time being, I am going to blog as I have time and as I feel like it. And if I get back on a schedule or this blog grows exponentially, great! If it doesn't, I am pleased just to have you. You are still with me, right? ;)


  1. I did the same thing girl! Try as I might to get a schedule for this for that for my blog.. when it came down to it.. when chad was off work for a day or two or the weekend depending on his 12 hour shifts that week than I wanted nothing more than to be right beside him! So i also threw out the schedule and now I blog when I can... sometimes often sometimes NOT!!! I love reading about your activities although you do make me feel a bit unorganized hahah I still love reading.. Enjoy your time with your hubby life is about memories and life is way to short to have any regrets in such areas.. love ya!

  2. Agreed! I had a whole week of baking and crafting planned while John was scheduled to be underway, and then he came home a few days early! But I am glad to see him, and the crafting and baking can wait. You should love your family members as though today is your last day with them because you never know when it will be.


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