Monday, November 28, 2011

Mainstays Measuring Cups

For Christmas, my husband purchased me some wonderful measuring cups just like the ones my grandmother used to have. Because Christmas has not yet arrived and I needed some new measuring cups in a hurry, I purchased this Mainstay Measuring Cup and Spoon Set from Walmart to tide me over until Christmas morning. The price was right at $0.88 plus tax. But the product is very poorly made. The plastic is so brittle that the one-cup measuring cup broke this evening while I was hand drying it. I have had this product for approximately two to three weeks and have used the set fewer than ten times.

What should I have expected? These were manufactured in China. I usually try to avoid items made there, but in my haste to buy an inexpensive set of measuring spoons and cups, I failed here.

If you are looking for measuring cups, avoid these. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.


  1. I think I might have the same ones. Each cup has a different color on the handle, and they were hooked together with a plastic ring? So far mine have been fine, but then again I dont use them much! :-)

  2. The ones I have are solid black. I should be smarter when I buy things--especially at Walmart--and look at reviews online. These had one star, but I didn't check them out until after I bought them. I had a similar situation with a soap pump we bought at Walmart as well. On the flip side, I have stuff I bought there that has served me well. Depends on the product.


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