Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting My Blessings!

Last week was Thanksgiving, and my husband and I listed the things for which we are thankful while we ate our dinner. But I find that with each passing day, I am learning to count *all* of my blessings. I donated a lot of my clothing to Goodwill, so I am having a bit of difficulty coming up with outfits to wear. But I have more than one outfit, so I am blessed. I am still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, but thank God that I have food to eat. My husband may have to go underway for periods of time, but we are so blessed to have a steady paycheck.

When I awoke this morning, the temperature outside was 68 degrees, and the temperature inside our apartment was nearly 80. After running downstairs a few times to do some laundry, I thought about turning on the air conditioner. But then the rain set in, and the outside temperature is now 54 and still dropping. I am so glad that I did not turn on the air conditioner! The heat that stayed in the apartment will help keep me a bit warmer until the time comes when turning on the heater will be necessary.

God blesses us in ways both big and small. Have you thanked Him lately? What if you were to wake up tomorrow with only the things for which you thanked Him today?

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