Monday, October 3, 2011

Swag Bucks

A good friend and I conversed last week about Swag Bucks.  She was not aware of the Swag Bucks program, so I gave her a bit of information.  Just in case you do not know anything about Swag Bucks either, I am providing a very brief tutorial below.

The Swag Bucks program enables you to earn prizes ("swag") by doing things you might already be doing online.  You can sign up on the Swag Bucks web site.  If you are not already a member of the program but want to be, please click on this link to sign up so that I get referral Swag Bucks.  I would greatly appreciate it! 

After you have signed up, you can easily earn 15 Swag Bucks (SB) per day by doing tasks you may already do online or by doing tasks that take only a second or so:

  • Install a tool bar and make sure you open the browser for which it is installed every day to earn 1 SB. 
  • Complete a poll each day for 1 SB. 
  • Complete the no obligation special offers (NOSO) path each day for 2 SBs.  Just click the "skip" buttons at the bottom of each offer.  You do not have to sign up for any of the offers to get the two SBs. 
  • Complete trusted surveys.  I am completely honest in all of my responses, and I NEVER answer any questions about how much money my household earns.  So I usually spend a few minutes a day starting but never actually qualifying (finishing) for the surveys.  I get 1 SB for each for up to five surveys and thus up to 5 SBs per day.  If I do not get all 5 SBs per day because fewer than five surveys are available, I complete at least one profile for 2 SBs each.  On occasion, I am able to complete a survey that usually takes much less time than advertised and earns anywhere from 50 to 100 SBs. 
  • Join Swag Bucks Tricks on Facebook to be notified via a Facebook story in your news feed that a bonus Swag Bucks code is available.  If you see a message that a code is out, click on the link in the news story and follow the instructions.  You should be able to get 3 to 8 SBs with these if you catch them in the appropriate time window. 
  • If you are like me and you like to play games online, you can play Swag Bucks games to earn SBs.  You can play ten games per day to earn up to 10 SBs per day.  Once upon a time, I played games both online and on our PlayStation for a few hours a day.  The maximum of 10 SBs per day keeps me from gaming away all of my time online--and I am earning something for playing.  Also, while the advertisements are playing before the games start, I do my morning tasks (getting dressed and brushing my teeth, tidying the dining room, tidying the living room, taking out the recycling, checking the electricity and water meters, making the bed, tidying the bedroom, cleaning the bathroom, making tea and juice, and eating my mid-morning snack). 
  • You can watch Swag Bucks TV, where you can earn 3 SB for every ten videos you watch.  I watch the segments on occasion.  My favorites are the HGTV and DIY Network episodes. 
  • You can also earn Swag Bucks by searching using the Swag Bucks search bar.  I rarely search using Swag Bucks, but I do on Mega Swag Bucks Fridays when people doing searches are frequently awarded significant Swag Bucks (I usually get about 11 SB) just for searching. 

My total Swag Bucks earned today?  50.  You can see my current Swag Bucks total on the Swidget in the right sidebar.

Some people in the Swag Bucks program really put a great deal of effort into this program.  These people have developed a large number of referral relationships, and they work quite a bit on tasks, do a great number of searches, and use alternate e-mail addresses to do surveys and sign up for product samples they would never use outside the Swag Bucks program.  These people earn a lot more Swag Bucks than I do each month.  I use this program to try to get one or two $5 Amazon gift cards per month and use those toward Christmas gifts or random purchases I might not make if I were spending my own money.  You get out of it what you put into it.  But remember that if you are spending eight hours a day on this program and making only $50 or $100 per month or even week, you may just consider getting a job instead. 

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