Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crafting Tips: Cleaning Antique Bottles and Jars

I am a big fan of antique bottles and jars.  I paid $3.50 for this old Listerine bottle at Country Boy Antiques in Norfolk. 

My intention was to put a flower in it and put it in the bathroom, but of course I had to clean it first. 

I started by cleaning it with glass cleaner and then filling it with and soaking it in hot water with Dawn in it for about an hour. 

I dried it.  Then I took it to the beach. 

Yes, the beach!  I needed some sand, and we really do not have any in our apartment--at least not enough for this task, thank goodness!  At the beach, I put sand in the bottle and then filled it up with the water and shook it up for a while to get all the stuff on the inside out.  Then I took the bottle home and washed it one more time with Dawn and hot water.  It is now a new vase for my bathroom.  Looks cute, don't you think? 

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