Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Book

As I planned my new blogging adventure, I decided to create a blog book of all of my ideas.  I started by creating a cover page using Sweetly Broken as my font.  A preview is below. The PDF file is here if you want to download it, or, if you want to edit it and use it for yourself, download OpenOffice and access the file by clicking here

The Domestic Attorney Blog Book Cover Page

Then I created a sketch of my plans.  I would publish the plans, too, but if I did, I would have to kill you.  Just kidding.  (This last bit is something my husband says all the time.  He is in the Navy and has a top security clearance.)  My plans are just always in flux, so I really do not want anyone to see them right now.  Sorry.  :( 

At any rate, I punched three holes in all of my pages and inserted them in a vinyl folder.  My blog book (okay, it is a folder, but I hope that it will eventually be a book!) looks like this:  

Is the yellow not pretty cheerful? 

Oh, and please disregard the horrid photography.  My husband is underway, and I am taking pictures with the really awful camera on my very outdated Samsung Moment.  His HTC Evo has a MUCH better camera.  And I promise that I am currently shopping for a new digital camera. 

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