Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days to Organization: Day 5 - Purse

My purse is usually a mess. I have improved over the last two years, though the improvements have usually come when I have been terrified I have lost something. I started putting my military identification back into its place in my wallet when I lost my first one and had to have a new one made. Then after I was terrified I had lost a few credit cards, I destroyed all but one of them; keeping up with one credit card and one debit card is a piece of cake.

But my purse was still messy. If I paid for an item with cash, I would throw the change in the middle section of my purse (the one with the zipper on it). When I received a receipt, I would fail to put the receipt in my shopping organizer and would simply put it in my purse instead. If my husband picked up any piece of paper, he would hand it to me, and I would put it in my purse. I also threw every travel sized lotion, hand sanitizer, and hairspray I had in my purse. I have a travel sized Lysol can *and* a travel sized package of Clorox wipes. Did I mention the antibacterial soap just in case? Or the two small flashlights? Yes, my purse definitely needed some organization.

This task is an easy enough one to handle. Just take everything out of your purse, discard what needs to be thrown away, file away what should be somewhere else, and put your things back in your purse in an organized fashion.

  • What was discarded: Continental Airlines' baggage policies
  • What I put or filed away: receipts, coupons I had not used and apparently put in my purse rather than in my organizer, Coca-Cola caps (after I entered the codes into; I am upcycling caps in a future craft project), extra bottles of lotion and such, the extra flashlight, and lots of change that was stretching out my wallet
  • What I kept: my wallet (with everything in its appropriate place), one of each bottle of lotion and such, my checkbook (yes, I still have one), two pens, one flashlight, my cell phone headset, and my list of John Grisham novels missing from my collection

See? All cleaned out! Okay, so you can't see inside it. But trust me, it is organized. =) And isn't my purse pretty? My husband bought it for me (on sale, of course!) for my law school graduation.

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