Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days to Organization: Day 4 - Closet

My husband and I have a huge walk-in closet in our apartment. It currently looks like this:

Our long-term goal is to organize everything into labeled baskets and hang all of the clothing on nice wooden hangers. But in the meantime, I would just like to weed out what we do not wear and make the closet look a little less chaotic.

So my husband and I started a new task on October 1st: to log the clothing we wear each day in a clothing inventory. Everything we keep must be capable of making at least three outfits in order to stay in our closet. Along the way, we are going to make notes of anything that needs to be professionally cleaned or mended and have those articles of clothing tailored and cleaned.

Our spreadsheet currently looks something like this:

We are going to keep working on this task. On October 31st, I hope to post a picture of a more organized clothing closet.

Do you go through your clothes from time to time and organize your closet? Perhaps you turn your hangers the "wrong" way so that you know whether you have worn something in a particular season. Or maybe you go through your closet once a year and throw away everything and buy all new stuff. Ideas?

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