Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days to Organization: Day 1 - Recipes

Today I am beginning 31 Days to Organization, an attempt to get organized before I begin major holiday cleaning at the beginning of November.  Join with me as I work through a bunch of clutter this month! 

The organization task for today is the recipe drawer.  I have a few cookbooks and a LOT of recipes that I have clipped from various magazines and food packages.  I also have a huge subdirectory of bookmarks of even more recipes.  I wanted to organize them, but I wanted them to look good, so I decided to create a recipe book.  At first, I used Tastebook, but I really balked at the price for those; too, if I were to make a mistake, I would really beat myself up over it. 

So I bought a 2" view binder and some page protectors.  I first created a cover page using the Porcelain font found here.  My cover looks like this: 

Recipe Book Cover

Then I created a template for my recipes.  When I perfect a recipe, I simply fill in the template with the ingredients, directions, and tips.  Then I print it, put it in a page protector, and insert it into my recipe book. 

If you want to make your own recipe book, feel free to download OpenOffice and download my cover to modify and make your own.  I am going to post the recipe templates as I post recipes. 

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