Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Decor: Cylinder Vases

I love fall decorations.  Unfortunately, they are sometimes "spendy," as my husband would say.  But they do not have to be.  You can easily make your own fall decorations for much less than you would pay to buy store-bought ones.  Starting this week, I will feature a new fall craft every week through Thanksgiving.

The first item of fall decor is easy peasy--and yummy, too, at least to my husband!  I grabbed the cylinder vases I made and poured a $1 bag of candy corn in each.

You could set a tea candle on top of the candy corn.  And if I had another two bags of candy corn on hand, I would fill them a bit more.  But my husband loves candy corn!  He will eat all the candy in a week, and then the vases will be empty anyway.  Regardless, for me, this craft's expiration date is Halloween.  So I will do something else with the vases soon enough. 

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